5L Trip to Ragged School Classroom

For our first trip in year 5 we visited the Ragged School Museum in the heart of the East End. It was a great way to kick start our Victorian topic. Did you know Dr Barnardo set up the school during the Victorian era for poor children. He believed everyone deserved an education!
We had two experiences. First we got to explore a poor Victorian home and were allowed to touch historical artefacts, there were hair curlers, hot water bottles and washing “machines” (although they didn’t look like they look today!) Then we were immersed in a real Victorian classroom! The teacher was in role as a strict, authoritarian teacher throughout. There was a lot of shouting and not a lot of fun, creative learning. We got to use blackboards and chalk. There was also a picture of Queen Victoria looking down on us throughout the lesson. We were taught arithmatic (maths), literacy (which was just copying out a dictation by the teacher) and vocal gymnastics (we had to repeat “Children should be seen but not heard). How rude!
It was a fun experience, and most of us felt very lucky to be able to go to school today rather than that grim era.

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