Fairlawn Parent Teacher Association puts on fundraising events throughout the school year, including the annual Christmas Fair and the Summer Fair. The money we raise goes towards funding extras for the children and improving school life for everyone.  We hold committee meetings at least once a term and these are generally open to everybody.

To see what events we have coming up, take a look at our school calendar.

All teachers, parents and guardians of children at the school are automatically members of the PTA. To get involved, contact your Class Rep, or email: You can also follow us on twitter: @fairlawnpta


FAIRLAWN PTA is a Registered Charity Number 1156424



RF: Daniel Nascimento & Nadine Guy

RP: Daniel Nascimento & Claire Denis

1GH: Annabel Wood & 1GH Sarah Nicholls

1F: Alix Sichacá López

1M: Laura Austin Croft & Karina Flynn

2W: Mollie Lawton

2M: Kimberley Minuti & Clare Jones

3M: Trevor Ellis-Jones

3E: Vacant

4C: James Branch

4S: Isabel O’Brien & David O’Brien

5S: Ed Somer

5C: Jo Stripey & Indi Gavin

5E: Kendra Schneller

6A: Györgyi Valenti-Ferrinho

6K: Helen Branch


PTA COMMITTEE (2018-2019)

  • Chair: Matthew Parsonage
  • Treasurer: Yvette Moore
  • Secretary: Gyorgyi Valenti-Ferrinho
  • Fundraising and Events: Laura Cutler


If you are interested in getting involved with the PTA or have ideas for fundraising or specific projects, please email or let use know via the school.

Please read our code of conduct here

Please read our constitution here

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