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 At Fairlawn, we subscribe to Mathletics, an interactive maths programme that encourages pupils to develop and practise their mathematical skills. Although there is a strong emphasis on using mental strategies, we also encourage pupils to use pencil and paper jottings, and calculators if appropriate.

Here are some of our pupils’ views:

“Mathletics really helped me learn about fractions when I was unwell and missed some learning in class.” (Sky, Year 4)


“I like Mathletics because if you are unsure about your learning, you can get hints to help you.” (Chinazom, Year 5)


“I love the fact you can play live games including challenges around the world.” (Matt, Year 4)


“I like it when you come across something you haven’t learnt before. It’s preparation for your learning in class.” (Jasmine, Year 6)


“I like Mathletics because it motivates me. I also like earning the different certificates.”

(Tarek, Year 5)


“I like the fact you can earn points because it feels like a reward.” (Honoka, Year 6)


“I like Mathletics because I can practise my learning and take my time with it.” (Ted, Year 4)