Teaching & Learning

At Fairlawn, we follow a topic based curriculum. Please see below for a list of topics covered across the school.



Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Autumn 1


London: Let’s Explore!




London: All Aboard! London: Spectacular Skylines London: Londinium London: Tales of the Thames London: Vile Victorians London: Blitz Brits
Autumn 2


Superheroes and People who help us.




Jurassic Park Stones ‘n’ bones. Greek Myths Voyagers and Villains Space
Spring 1



Commotion in the Ocean



Not so traditional tales. Rainforests Creatures of the Night Japan Medical Marvels



Tomorrow’s world: Sustainable solutions?
Spring 2




Tomorrow’s world: It’s good to be green! Tomorrow’s world: The Future of Food. Tomorrow’s world: Recycle today for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow’s World: On the brink Tomorrow’s World: Blue Planet Tomorrow’s world: Climate of Fear.
Summer 1





All around the world: An Australian adventure



All around the world: Amazing Africa All around the world: Egypt All around the world: India



All around the world: Central and South America


All around the world: China


All around the world: North America


Summer 2




Wonderful Wildlife



Castles, Knights and Dragons. Our Feathered Friends Toy Story The Natural World Natural Disasters