At Fairlawn we have high expectations of all staff, pupils and parents. 


We ensure:

  • everyone is safe;
  • every child has the best possible education;
  • all staff consider the whole-child in the delivery of the curriculum;
  • each child will be taught skills to encourage independence, resilience, reflectiveness, collaboration and curiosity;
  • every child is valued;
  • each child’s strengths and passions are encouraged and nurtured and any weaknesses addressed;
  • our children learn in a visually attractive and stimulating learning environment;
  • all staff are valued, listened to and supported and are offered opportunities for professional development;
  • parents are welcomed as partners with the school to ensure the best education for their children.
  • excellent communication between parents and school.


We desire:

  • our children to leave as creative thinking individuals and effective problem solvers;
  • parents, Governors and staff to work in partnership towards the same goal – for the good of every child;
  • to create links in the community including across a broad range of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, in order to foster and enrich school life;
  • parents to be fully involved in their child’s learning.