Physical education is defined as learning to develop and care for the human body through movements produced by skeletal muscles. At Fairlawn Primary School, the prime purpose of PE is for all children to develop an understanding of the significant benefits that leading a physically active lifestyle will have on their lives.

Our broad and balanced curriculum will give all children the chance to experiment, practise and compete in an enjoyable, stimulating and appropriately challenging environment. The range of activities, along with high quality teaching, seek to ensure children enjoy success and are motivated to further develop their health and fitness.

All pupils have 2 hours a week dedicated to PE; an indoor lesson taught by the class teacher (Y4 swimming) and an outdoor lesson taught by the Specialist PE Teacher. In order to keep the children motivated, engaged and challenged, they will explore different activities/sports every half term. This will ensure they are continuously learning new skills and securing others.

This year, pupils in Reception will develop their key skills, including throwing and catching; running and jumping; agility; balance and co-ordination as well as key skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication. This is taught through multi-skills lessons and the introduction of specific sports such as gymnastics, tennis, athletics and cricket.

In Key Stage 1, there is a focus on further developing their throwing and catching; running and jumping; agility; balance and co-ordination in the form of multi-skills and team games. Sport specific activities include Basketball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Dance, Athletics, Cricket, Tennis and Rounders. Pupils become confident working with equipment, in pairs and in small groups, to make up their own games, follow rules and play in a competitive environment.

In Key Stage 2, pupils are taught different sports to allow them to progress and experience a wide range throughout their schooling experience. This year, they will explore the following sports: Basketball, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Netball, Dance, Gymnastics, Fitness, Tennis, Rounders, Cricket and Athletics. Year 4 pupils are taken to The Bridge leisure centre for swimming lessons for half an hour a week for the year as their indoor PE lesson. We also have a huge focus on learning the rules and officiating in all sports.

We also run a range of extra-curricular activities, in a non-competitive form. This includes after and before school clubs. Children also have the opportunity to represent the school and participate in festivals. These are competitive and are played against local primary schools (Multi-skills, Athletics, Football, Netball and Tennis).

Dance is an important part of our PE curriculum.

Dance and movement aims to contribute to the child’s physical, artistic, linguistic, social and cultural education.

As well as learning specific dance skills and styles, it is also taught in conjunction with other subjects. Topics are used as a stimulus to extend learning and knowledge in other academic areas. Children learn how to express and communicate ideas and understanding in the physical form. During the spring term, dance club have the opportunity to participate in the Lewisham Dance Showcase, where a group piece is performed at Forest Hill School and Catford Broadway.

In Year 6, 15 children become Sports Leaders and are given PE related duties throughout the year. They also take on the role of captain at our annual sports day in July.

Each term, we take part in an Intra School Competition, culminating in a school assembly to crown Fairlawn’s champion. This year, Speed Bounce, Skipping and Chest Push are the chosen activities. We also ensure children receive up-to-date sports news through our weekly newsletter and our school notice board.

All children must wear a suitable PE kit. Please refer to our PE policy for details.

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