Physical Education is defined as learning to develop and care for the human body through movements produced by skeletal muscles.

At Fairlawn School, the prime purpose of PE is for all children to develop an understanding of the significant benefits that leading a physically active lifestyle will have on their lives. We follow the ‘Rising Stars: Champions’ and the ‘PE Hubs’ schemes of learning: both schemes are holistic approaches to the teaching of PE, which improve fitness, develop skills and deepen knowledge of health and well-being.

Our broad and balanced curriculum gives all children the chance to experiment, practise, refine and compete in an enjoyable, stimulating and appropriately challenging environment. The range of activities, along with high quality teaching, seek to ensure children enjoy success and are motivated to further develop their health and fitness. Lessons also aim to build character and embed our key sports values: passion, honesty, respect and teamwork.

All pupils have 2 hours a week dedicated to PE; an indoor lesson taught by the class teacher (Y4 swim at the Bridge Leisure Centre) and an outdoor lesson taught by a specialist teacher. Arrangements may be slightly different at the moment due to Covid-19.

At Fairlawn School, we run a broad range of extra-curricular activities (both before school and after school) in a non-competitive form, including football, basketball, athletics, netball and tennis.  Arrangements may be slightly different at the moment due to Covid-19.

To further consolidate our commitment to children’s health and well-being, each class in KS2 runs the ‘Mega Mile’. In addition to this, when classes are unable to be outside, they are encouraged to use ‘5-a-day Fitness’, an online fitness programme, and our ever-popular speed stacking cups. 

Throughout the year, children are selected to represent the school in a range of sporting events and half-termly festivals, including football, basketball, netball, athletics, swimming. These are usually competitive and played against other local primary schools:.

Dance and movement is an important part of our PE curriculum: we aim to contribute to the child’s physical, artistic, linguistic, social and cultural education. As well as learning specific skills and styles, dance is also taught through other areas of the curriculum. During the spring term, ‘Dance Club’ has the opportunity to participate in the Lewisham Dance Showcase, where a group piece is performed at Forest Hill School and the Catford Broadway.

This year, we have trained 16 Sports Leaders from Year 6 and they are given a variety of PE-related duties. This includes supporting younger children during sports interventions.

Each term, through our school sports partnership with Lewisham, we take part in an Intra School Competition, culminating in a whole-school assembly to crown Fairlawn’s champion. This year, Speed Bounce, Skipping and Chest Push are the chosen activities.

We also ensure children receive up-to-date sports news through our weekly newsletter and our school notice board. Every Friday, we recognise our sports stars of the week from KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 (chosen by our sports coach) in our celebration assemblies.

This year, we have also introduced ‘Sports Heroes’. Each half-term, year groups learn about different sporting stars from around the world, both past and present.

All children must wear a suitable PE kit. At the moment, children are asked to come to school dressed in their PE kit on their designated PE days. Please refer to our PE policy for further details.

PE Curriculum Overview 2020-2021