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Pupil Parliament met Mayor

Some of our Pupil Parliament children from both schools recently met the mayor of Lewisham and had the chance to find out more about local politics.

Pupil Parliament meet Mayor

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Pupil Parliament visit Lewisham Mayor


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Pupil Parliament Meet the Mayor of Lewisham

Last week a handful of Pupil Parliament reps were fortunate enough to visit the Civic suite in Lewisham, to meet the mayor of Lewisham; Steve Bullock.
We prepared questions to ask the mayor and were very excited to meet the Labour mayor. On arrival, we were presented with a pack of information about the role of the mayor and a history of Lewisham council. Then we were taken on a tour of the council chambers, where important decisions are made about Lewisham. We got to meet a representative of the young mayor and encouraged to make a speech about what we would do if we were major for a day. You can see the speech we made below.
Finally, we got to meet the mayor himself. We introduced ourselves and asked him questions which he was kind enough to answer. Did you know the mayor of Lewisham used to be a primary teacher once! The whole morning was so much fun, and the icing on the cake was when we won the competition the mayor had set us and he presented us with a signed certificate! Also at the end we asked if we could go back into the Council chambers to take some photos and we were allowed to sit in the Council members seats this time!!

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Salad Making

This week we collaborated with the lunch ladies at Fairlawn in order to improve our school dinners. We wanted to focus on healthy eating and to think of ways to encourage more of us to eat from the salad bar. So we set out creating out very own salads, with the incentive that the best salad would be made and given out at lunchtimes.

We had to think about texture, colour and taste in order to build a tasty salad. Ms Lewis got to judge the salads and found it very difficult to choose a winner, due to the high standard of our creations.

Take a look at the salads we created below and to see who the winners were.

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Pupil Parliament’s Traffic Activism. 

On your way to school this week did you see some children outside the school waving and shouting? It was our school pupil parliament holding a demonstration to encourage our mums and dads to park safely around the school. Here is Sam (5C), Elliot and Ava (5L) to tell you more.

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Our Pupil Parliament




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