Summer 2 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to British women:

Reception: Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

Year 1: Kelly Smith MBE

Year 2: Dina Asher-Smith MBE

Year 3: Virginia Wade OBE

Year 4: Nicola Adams OBE

Year 5: Dame Katherine Grainger

Year 6: Victoria Pendleton CBE

22nd May – St. Mary’s 1-7 Fairlawn

Fairlawn Girls’ final match of the Monday League season against St. Mary’s resulted in a comprehensive 7-1 victory. The game was also significant as it saw the return from injury of Marlena (6DT). In her three months on the sidelines, she has been a frequent help to coaches and teammates and a great example of how to deal with disappointment in sport. Back on the pitch, she was one of the goalscorers, along with Emily (6C), Molly (6C) and Muna (6DT). Neriah (5E) made her Monday League debut and joins a number of Year 5s already in the squad, placing the team in good shape for next season. Having only conceded two goals across the whole league, with one narrow defeat amidst a string of victories, Fairlawn can feel proud to finish in second place in a season of consistently high achievement.

A huge thank you to all the parents who continue to give up their own time to coach the team and for taking the players to and from the matches each Monday.

18th May – Runner’s Up in the Lewisham Netball Festival!

Congratulations to Fairlawn’s Years 5/6 netball team, who despite only having had one training session with Miss Goulder, finished as runner’s up in the Lewisham Netball Festival at Sydenham School. The team finished with a fantastic record of 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat from their six matches.

15th May – Fairlawn 2-0 St Bart’s

Fairlawn’s girls’ team claimed an all-important win in the latest round of the Monday Night Football League. Here’s Muna’s (6DT) match report:

“This week, the girls were playing St Barts. Fairlawn soon gained the upper hand with the defensive shield of Sophia, Anna and Molly not letting anything past them, and the midfield magic of Muna, Frankie and Abigail running rings around the opposition, and taking many shots against their frustratingly good goalie.

Nina played striker in a courageous debut and Nuala added fresh energy to the game when she came on. As the referee announced five minutes left, there was a sudden thrill in the air as Fairlawn pushed for a goal, and finally, with a strong right foot shot in the corner Frankie got it in the back of the net. Soon after Muna rolled a left foot shot through the goalkeeper’s legs. So, when the referee blew the full-time whistle, Fairlawn had ended the match with a score of 2-0 and yet another victory.”

13th May – Blackheath Football League Finale!

The girls arrived at Blackheath on Saturday morning with two things on their mind. Firstly, why when the rest of the UK was sunbathing, the Blackheath pitches still required heavy overcoats, and secondly that they were just a few wins away from becoming the most successful Fairlawn football team of all time.

Without Marlena (Maarland as she has become known) the girls would have to dig deep and find new ways of winning, and after an initial loss to Toredon, a game in which we played well but seemed a little unfocused, the coaches (Chris and Alan) gathered them together. With their inspirational words ringing in their ears a whole new team turned up to play Gordonbrook, a team with some strong district representation. Frankie, Emily, Anna, Molly and Muna (the senior pros) set about upping the intensity and aided by the brilliant Nuala, Abigail, Maggie and Isobel, they dragged us over the line. A wonderful turn and finish from Molly, who began the season in goal for us and has become a fabulous centre forward, gave us the points.

We had to win our final game to go through the semi-final and it was time for Frankie, with the tireless Anna and Muna behind her, and the rock solid Emily to get us there. Nuala and Abigail fought tirelessly, alongside Molly and the fabulous year 4 Maggie (a future star) and in a tight match, we managed to fashion a winner, as a long shot from Frankie was turned in by a hugely enthusiastic Isabelle. The opposition worked hard for an equaliser but Anna, Muna, Frankie and the ever brilliant Emily were not going to let that happen.

So, with a semi-final place earned, this Fairlawn team had become the most successful in the school’s history and only Edmund Waller stood between them and the final. The game started well, Frankie playing passes, Anna and Muna mopping up any trouble, and Nuala and Abigail, alongside Maggie, causing issues for the opposition. Eventually some brilliant forward play from Molly led to her burying a wonderful finish that left Waller dumbfounded. It was game on. But games can turn on bizarre incidents and from nowhere we conceded a goal from a speculative long shot that managed to nestle in the corner. The girls continued to fight but as the game was heading for extra time a free kick was conceded on the edge of the box. The Fairlawn girls were convinced that it wasn’t, but the referee was well-positioned and made (much as I hate to admit it) the correct decision. From the ensuing free kick Emily (the best keeper in Lewisham by far) made yet another astonishing save but the luck wasn’t with us and the ball ricocheted into an oncoming forward and managed to get over the line. There wasn’t enough time for the red and white warriors to pull things around and the tournament was over.

Being part of this team has been one of the great pleasures of being a Fairlawn parent and while the girls were disappointed, not just for themselves but for their friend and talisman Marlena (who scored over forty goals before injury grabbed her), they can hold their heads high. A special mention to Alan, Chris, Paul and Sean, whose commitment has enabled this wonderful journey. The legacy continues. 

Summer Term Sports Clubs

Monday – Year 3 Football Club
Tuesday – Years 5/6 Netball Club (invite only)
Wednesday – 1P Multi-Skills Club
Thursday (am) – Years 5/6 Girls Football Training
Thursday – Year 2 Multi-Skills Club
Friday – Year 4 Football Club
(All after school clubs run from 3.30pm-4.30pm)

28th April – Skipping Champions Crowned!

Today, we crowned Fairlawn’s skipping champions in two exciting assemblies. The standard was extremely high and all of the finalists skipped with real determination for the allotted two minutes. Here are the results:


1st 238 skips

2ndRuben (2F) – 221 skips

3rdBodhi (1P) – 220 skips


1st265 skips

2ndNiccolo (4G) – 243 skips

3rdAlarni (4A) – 165 skips


1st320 skips

2ndAbigail E (5E) – 310 skips

3rdNuala (5T) – 280 skips

24th April 2023 – Monday Night Football League

Well done to the girls’ football team who secured a vital 1-0 win against St Michael’s in the Monday Night Football League at Haseltine.

The rain was so strong that Nuala could barely see through her glasses and Molly’s beanie hat was soaking, but that didn’t prevent a team performance full of determination and fluent passing. Frankie was brave on the ball and in the challenge, Abigail was lively up front, Sophia impressed again in defence and with her enthusiastic cheering, and Maggie scored the all important goal on her Monday League debut. Thanks again to James and Michael for bringing the team to and from Haseltine.

22nd April – London Mini Marathon

A huge well done to all the children and adults who took part in the London Mini Marathon around St James’ Park on Saturday. It was another amazing experience for everyone alongside some very kind weather:

Year 2: Alfie, Jean, Hunter, Brandon, Zac, Ivor, Aoife and Gray.

Year 3: Art, Otis, Shay, Ana Laura, Carolina, Cordelia Grace, Jasper, Lily, Rose and Jesse.

Year 4: Tait, Nuriyah, Honey, Kira, Ivy, Floella, Albert, Patrick, Thea and James.

Year 5: Abigail S, Samy, Gordon, Ana Luzia, Noah, Matilda, Aurelie, Nuala, Oisin, Beau, Bruna, Kylah and Thomas.

Year 6: Molly, Faith and Leo R.

A special mention to Beau (5T) who crossed the finish line in 1st place from wave 22 (about 120 runners). What a fantastic achievement!

Summer 1 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to British men:

Reception: Lewis Hamilton MBE

Year 1: Sir Mo Farah

Year 2: Bobby Moore OBE

Year 3: Anthony Joshua OBE

Year 4: Sir Steve Redgrave

Year 5: Sir Chris Hoy

Year 6: Adam Peaty MBE

25th March – Blackheath Saturday League Update

A huge well done to the girls’ football team who have qualified for the knockout finals of the Saturday Blackheath League after Easter. They will also be joined in the last 8 by Prendergast, Stillness 1, John Ball and Torridon.

Here’s how their final qualifying table looked:

14th March – Speed Bounce Champions Crowned!

On Friday, we held our intra school speed bounce finals and crowned three winners across the school:

KS1 – 39 jumps in 20 seconds

LKS2 – 47 jumps in 20 seconds

UKS2 – 52 jumps in 20 seconds.

A huge well done to the other finalists who all performed brilliantly in front of a large, watching audience.

11th March 2023 – Blackheath Football League – Update

A huge well done to the girls’ football team who maintained their unbeaten start to the Saturday league season with a win and a draw in the latest round of matches:
Game 1: 1-0 win against Downderry 2 (Abigail S)
Game 2: 0-0 draw against Gordonbrock
The team are currently top of the table with 6 wins and 1 draw out of their 7 games and are yet to concede a goal. The knockout phase will begin after the Easter holidays.

10th March 2023 – Lewisham Schools Swimming Gala

A huge well done to the following swimmers who took part in the Lewisham Schools Swimming Gala at Glassmill on Friday.

Year 5 – Joseph K, Samy, Beau, Bradley, Nuala, Abigail E

Year 6 – Margo, Sophia, Sienna, Iris

It was a huge privilege to watch everyone swim confidently in a very high-standard competition, and to see the team show such support and encouragement to each other.

27th February 2023 – Monday Night Football League

Well done to the girls’ football team who maintained their 100% record in the Monday Night Football League last week with a comfortable victory over Haseltine. There were strong performances across the pitch including from Molly (6C) in goal, Sophia (6C) in defence and Frankie (6S) in midfield. The goals were scored by Isabelle (6S), Nuala (5T) and Muna 2 (6S).

As usual, a big thanks to all the parents who helped out on the night.

25th February 2023 – Blackheath Football League

The girls football team continued their Saturday League campaign with two excellent victories at Blackheath.

In the first game against Stillness 2, the team ran out 2-0 winners with the first goal from Abigail S (5T), followed by a debut goal from Bea (5T) after an excellent assist from Maggie (4A).

In the second game against Holbeach, the team secured a narrow 1-0 win despite dominating possession, the all-important goal coming from Isabelle (6S).

That’s now 5 games played, 5 won and no goals conceded for the team. A huge well done to everyone and a special mention to those who made their debut.

Spring 2 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to Paralympic males:
Reception: Jody Cundy OBE
Year 1: Jonnie Peacock MBE
Year 2: Will Bailey MBE
Year 3: Lee Pearson CBE
Year 4: David Weir CBE
Year 5: Sascha Kindred CBE
Year 6: Ali Jawad CBE

9th February 2023 – Jimmy Mizen Football Cup

On Thursday 9th February, we took a mixed football team from Years 5/6 to the annual Jimmy Mizen Cup. Following a very disappointing 1-0 defeat in the opening group game against Holy Trinity, this was followed up by a hard-fought 0-0 draw against Baring. Going into the final group game against Goose Green, only a victory would see the team qualify for the semi-finals, but unfortunately, they fell to a 2-0 defeat.

A huge thank you to the parents who drove the team to Millwall and for supporting them so enthusiastically. On a positive note, the players all got to meet the parents of Jimmy Mizen and were given tickets to Millwall’s next home game.

6th February 2023 – Primary Stars Football Cup

A huge well done and commiserations to the girls’ football team who were agonisingly beaten on penalties in the final of the six-team Primary Stars Cup on Monday 6th February at Millwall FC.

The Group Stage Results:

Match 1: 1-0 v Holy Trinity (Nuala)

Match 2: 4-0 v Ilderton (Nuala, Molly 2, Marlena)

Match 3: 4-0 v Ilderton (Marlena 4)

Match 4: 3-0 v Holy Trinity (Marlena 3)

The Knockout Stage Results:

Semi Final: 2-0 v Deptford Park (Marlena 2)

Final: 0-0 v Holy Trinity (lost on penalties)

Intra School Speed Bounce Competition

Well done to everyone who took part in the intra school speed bounce competition.

Here are the top bouncers from each class:

1P – Raiya, Teddy

1W – Mimi, Noah

2F – Ayana, Daniyal

2K – Aysun, Hunter, Gray

3E – Grace, Alex

3G – Ella, Daniel

4A – Basiima, Tait

4G – Ivy, Samy

5T – Zion, Beau

5E – Abi E, Bradley

6C – Anna, Yusuf

6S – Isabelle, Suleman, Leo R

31st January 2023 – Year 2 Inclusive Multi-Skills Festival

Last week, we took a group of children from Year 2 to the Inclusive Multi-Skills Festival at Sydenham School. Everyone had a great time trying out a range of sports activities, including hockey, curling, seated volleyball and speed-stacking. A huge thank you to all the adults who came with us.

30th January 2023 – Fairlawn 2-1 Rathfern

A huge well done to the girls’ football team who kicked off their Monday Night Football League campaign with a hard-fought 2-1 win against Rathfern, both goals coming from Marlena (6S). Also, a big thank you to the parents who drove the team to the game.

Local Community links – Athenlay FC

Athenlay Football Club have recently made their ‘Wildcats’ girls training sessions absolutely free of charge. The sessions run on a Monday (4.30pm-5.30pm) and on a Saturday (10am-11am) and are aimed at ages 5-9. For more information, you can contact the club’s secretary via email:

18th January 2023 – Year 2 Multi-Skills Festival

Last Wednesday, we took a team of 8 children from Year 2 to the Lewisham Schools Multi-Skills Festival at
Sydenham School. The children had the opportunity to test their speed, agility, balance and co-ordination
through a range of exciting challenges. Well done to:
2F – Tyshawn, Lyla, Tali, Eleanor
2K – George, Gray, Ula, Jessica

16th January 2023 – Fairlawn 9-0 St. Mary’s

A huge well done to the Fairlawn boys football team who put in a clinical performance last week to thrash St. Mary’s 9-0 in the Monday Night Football League. Unfortunately, due to St Michael’s 4-1 win earlier in
the evening, the team required over 15 goals to take top-spot on goal difference. Despite knowing that they were facing a near-impossible mission, the boys played some wonderful football and deservedly went into half-time leading 6-0. Although they managed just three more goals in the second half, the team should be hugely proud of their achievement across the whole season.
Monday Night Squad:
Year 6 – Noah, Zack, Suleman, Leo R, Leo P, Yusuf
Year 5 – Joseph K, Thomas, Bradley, Beau

14th January 2023 – Blackheath Saturday League Update

Game 1 v Rangefield: 3-0

As the girls warmed up for the first league game against Rangefield, it became clear that Rangefield would be offering a physical test if nothing else. Looking rather like a Rugby team who’d got the wrong tournament, they kicked off against the mighty Fairlawn and in the first few minutes our girls seemed a little intimidated. However, it didn’t take us long to get a measure of them. Into the kind of headwind that would stop commercial aircraft, Marlena led the way, weaving her way through the opposition and before long slotting the first goal beautifully. Backed up by some great touches and passes from Nuala and Abigail, she soon went on to score a very composed second. It was time for the midfield and defence to help out and Anna and Muna delivered whenever they were tested while Frankie sat behind to sweep up any danger.  Emily in goal was rarely tested (that would come later) as the girls controlled the second half, keeping possession and eventually forcing a third goal, an own goal that was unfortunate but caused by the persistent pressure from Fairlawn and the debutant Isabelle. The game ended 3-0, a result that sets them up well for the rest of the tournament.

Game 2 v Prendergast: 0-0 Fairlawn progress on penalties

An opportunity to represent Lewisham Schools in the Pokemon London Schools Tournament arrived in the form of a one-off match against Prendergast. Alan got the girls prepared and well organised and the ageing parents wiped clean their glasses to get behind them. It was evident from the start that this would be a much bigger test and Prendergast were organised and had some good district players. However, the girls very quickly matched them tackle to tackle with Frankie and Anna doing some terrific work in the middle with Muna and Nuala behind, allowing Marlena to pressure the opposition goal on a regular basis. But this was always going to be a tight game and despite the second half advantage of the wind and relentless pressure on the Prendergast goal, one move in particular involving Muna, Anna, Frankie and Isobel almost resulting in a wonderful goal, the game finished all square. So, it would come down to penalties. A collective sigh worked its way through the parents who agreed they’d never seen a team they wanted to win come out on top of a penalty shoot out. But England aren’t Fairlawn, and as yet England don’t have Emily in goal. With the tension rising, Alan asked for hands and quick as a flash Marlena, Frankie and Muna stepped up, and after the first phase of the competition we were equal with the opposition on two scored and one missed. Alan looked around for the next brave souls ready to make a name for themselves, and as the heavens opened and the rest of the world was running for cover, up walked Anna and Molly. Anna stroked her penalty into the bottom corner with aplomb, and then Molly, who hadn’t been playing in the match moved up to the ball as if she was born to do it and smashed it past their keeper; it was left to Emily to face the final penalty. The Prendergast player stepped up and caught it beautifully. The ball was destined for the right hand corner, but it hadn’t reckoned on one thing….the mighty Emily flying to her right at full stretch to parry it past the post. A magnificent moment welcomed by screams of joy, tears and human pyramids, and the kids were enjoying it too. A truly great performance from the girls in atrocious conditions and now they march onto Walthamstow to represent Lewisham. We should be very proud of all of them.

(Report written by coach Ash)

Spring 1 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to Paralympic females:
Reception: Lauren Steadman
Year 1: Ellie Simmonds OBE
Year 2: Dame Sarah Storey
Year 3: Hannah Cockroft MBE
Year 4: Sophie Christiansen CBE
Year 5: Kadeena Cox
Year 6: Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

Spring Term Sports Clubs

Tuesday – Years 5/6 Football Training (restarts 17th January)

Wednesday – Year 6 Basketball (starts 11th January)

Thursday (am) – Years 5/6 Girls Football Training

Thursday – Year 3 Hockey (starts 12th January)

Friday – Year 5 Hockey (starts 13th January)

Badminton Achievement

A huge well done to Abigail S (5T) who won a bronze medal at a recent badminton competition.

5th December 2022 – Fairlawn 3-1 Kilmorie

A huge well done to the boys’ football team who beat a very strong and physical Kilmorie team 3-1 in the latest round of the Monday Night Football League. Despite taking an early lead through an excellent finish by Yusuf, the opposition were almost immediately level through an excellent strike by their academy striker. Once the team had worked out how to keep him quiet, they quickly took control of the game with Noah scoring midway through the first half, and then an excellent strike from Beau into the bottom corner sealed the victory.

Year 6 Sports Leaders Revealed

A huge well done to the following children from 6C who successfully applied to be a sports leader for the Spring term:

Archer, Yasmine, Emily, Molly, Margo, Kit, Anna, Karina and Yusuf.

On Friday 6th January, they will receive their sports leader training from a Lewisham sports coach, and we look forward to seeing them supporting some of our youngest children in PE lessons next term and encouraging even more active play at lunchtimes.

29th November 2022 – Lewisham School Games Football Festival

A huge well done to the girls’ football team who finished with a fantastic record of 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat at the Lewisham School Games festival at Sedgehill Academy last Tuesday. Despite being drawn in the ‘group of death’, and facing both the eventual winners and runners-up at the start of the day, the team played with fantastic heart, spirit and skill. Incredibly, they only conceded one goal in the entire day.

Here are their results:

  1. Fairlawn 0-0 All Saint’s (eventual winners)
  2. Fairlawn 0-1 Haberdasher’s (eventual runner’s-up)
  3. Tidemill 0-2 Fairlawn
  4. Fairlawn 1-0 St. Francis Drake
  5. Turnham 0-1 Fairlawn
  6. Fairlawn 1-0 St Margaret’s Lee
  7. St. Stephen’s 0-1 Fairlawn
  8. Fairlawn 1-0 St. Francis Drake

28th November 2022 – St Michael’s 5-5 Fairlawn

A huge well done to the boys’ football team who drew 5-5 with St Michael’s last Monday in one of the best games that the Monday Night Football League has ever seen. Despite leading for the majority of the game, the team were cruelly denied a famous victory by a last gasp screamer. All the boys were fantastic with the goals coming from Yusuf (2) and an excellent hat-trick from Leo R.

19th November 2022 – Blackheath Football League

The bracing wind that is unique to this tournament ushered in the opening game of the season, which found the girls pitted against Edmund Waller.  Fairlawn dominated the game from the beginning, and with first half goals from Frankie and Marlena, any residual early tension was dissipated. Anna and Muna were strong at the back and Nuala and Abigail were always busy and causing problems for the Waller defence, culminating in a brilliant assist from Nuala that put Marlena in for her second and Fairlawn’s third. The game was over and although the opposition stepped up the pressure the defensive core held strong with Emily making a couple of good saves and Neriah causing some problems down the wing, all of which helped secure the points. 

Cooper’s Lane would be a stiffer challenge, arriving on the pitch as they did full of confidence and towering over the Fairlawn girls. However, the tactical acumen of Alan and Chris set the girls up to compete from the first whistle, and compete they did. The strength of Anna and Muna at the back marshalled by the peerless Emily behind them and the determined Frankie in front, created a foundation for the front three of Nuala, Abigail and Marlena to do their thing. An assist from Emily set Marlena on her way to score a goal which should already be a contender for goal of the season, as she beat most of Cooper’s team and slotted home. Marlena then followed that up with another, having received a through ball from Frankie she beat a couple of defenders and the resulting goal was never in doubt. The second half saw the introduction of Bea, who was strong in the tackle and added more much needed steel. The opposition came at the girls in waves but they defended as a team and never really looked like conceding. Cooper’s did however break free and got a powerful shot off only for Emily to make a fabulous save to push it round the post. A sterling display that sent Cooper’s Lane home with a lot more to think about than they’d initially bargained for. 

Two first class performances from the girls that bode well for the rest of the season.

17th November 2022 – LSSP Basketball Festival

Well done to the following members of the Years 5/6 basketball team who finished 3rd in the LSSP festival at Sydenham School. The team played with great skill and determination, and even ended the competition with an excellent victory over the eventual winning school.

Year 5 – Samy, Ayse

Year 6Noah, Zack, Ollie, Zhiqi, Molly

7th November 2022 – Haseltine 0-2 Fairlawn

A huge well done to the boys’ football team who maintained their 100% winning record in the Monday Night Football League with a 2-0 win against Haseltine. Despite coming up against quite physical opposition, the boys matched them in this department and played some lovely one-touch football at times. A special mention to Noah (6S) who scored both goals with two very clinical finishes.

The team’s next fixture will be on the 28th November.

Autumn 2 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to international females:
Reception: Serena Williams
Year 1: Lindsey Vonn
Year 2: Billy Jean-King
Year 3: Nadia Comaneci
Year 4: Simone Biles
Year 5: Megan Rapinoe
Year 6: Katie Ledecky

19th October 2022 – Indoor Athletics Festival

Well done to the following members of the Years 5/6 Indoor Athletics team who comfortably won the mini festival at Sydenham School on Wednesday 19th October:

Year 6: Yusuf, Anna, Nigel, Noah, Frankie, Leo R, Isabelle and Amara.

Year 5: Samy, Beau, Lukas, Ada, Neriah, Bradley and Zion.

The team won 7 out of the 9 sprint races and finished top of the standings in all of the field events.

10th October 2022 – Fairlawn 7-2 St Bart’s

A huge well done to the boys’ football team who beat St Bart’s 7-2 in the opening game of the Monday Night Football League at Haseltine last week. The players all looked comfortable on the ball and were very supportive of each other. It was also great to see some clinical finishing with the goals scored by Yusuf (2), Noah (2), Beau (2) and Suleman.

Our next fixture is against Haseltine on Monday 7th November.

1st October 2022 – Mini Marathon

A huge well done to all the children and adults who took part in the London Mini Marathon around St James’ Park on Saturday. It was an amazing experience for everyone; here’s the list of entrants:

Year 2: Flo, Ella, Niall, Hunter, Alfie and George.

Year 3: Art, Amelie, Otis, Zachary, Jasper, Jesse, Shay, Poppy, Grace and Gabriel.

Year 4: Patrick, Honey, Poppy, Miguel, James, Maude, Maya, Thea, Albert, Hamish, Ivy and Angelica.

Year 5: Abigail S, Samy, Nuala, Joseph R, Axel, Isabella, Ada, Noah, Oisin, Beau, Matilda, Bruna, Bea.

Year 6: Abi, Frankie, Anna, Faith, Alex, Conrad, Marlena and Molly.

Autumn Term 2022 – After School Sports Clubs

Tuesday – Years 5/6 Boys Football Training

Wednesday – Year 3 Multi-Skills with Mr. Gomez

Thurs (am) – Years 5/6 Girls Football Training

Thursday (pm) – Year 4 Basketball with Mr. Gomez

Friday (pm) – Year 5 Basketball with Mr. Gomez

After-school sports clubs run from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Autumn 1 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to international males:
Reception: Usain Bolt
Year 1: Michael Jordan
Year 2: Muhammad Ali
Year 3: Pele
Year 4: Arthur Ashe
Year 5: Tiger Woods
Year 6: Jessie Owens

Monday Night Football League – Fairlawn Crowned Champions!

A huge congratulations to our girls’ football team who have been crowned champions of the Monday Night Football League with one game still to play. The following children have all played their part in this hugely successful season:
Year 4 – Nuala
Year 5 – Emily, Marlena, Frankie, Anna
Year 6 – Lila, Cara, Zoe, Josie, Minnie, Margot, Pearl, Iris.
Also, a massive thanks to Sean Brazier, Paul Grace, Rob Wray, Ash Ditta and Alan Westaway who have give up their own personal time this season to coach the team and take them to their Monday matches.

Race for Life- HOPstars team

Congratulations to all our Fairlawn runners who finished the full Blackheath 5km Race for Life with smiles on their faces this weekend. Marlena & Leo (5M) Abi, Mia & Emre (5E) Jasper & Elif (2T) and Flo (1W). Marlena finished in an amazing 28 minutes! And even little Flo’s (1W) 5 year old legs didn’t stop once in
the whole race! The HOP stars team have already had amazing support from Fairlawn friends, but if anyone else felt moved to support these fantastic kids then any donations would be very much appreciated.

London Youth Games

Following our basketball team’s victory at the Lewisham School Games competition earlier in the year, we are expecting to receive an invite to compete in the London Youth Games on Monday 4th July. More information to follow.

Swimming Lessons Discounts

Forest Hill Pool is offering children a 5-day swimming short course (with a 25% discount) between the 1st of August and the 25th August. 30-minute lessons can be booked for foundation level swimmers between 9am – 11am, and at 11:30am for developmental swimmers. The discount code is SWIMHAPPY.
For more information, visit:

Intra School Competition

This term, the school will be taking part in a brand new intra school competition: hula hooping. Over the next few weeks, the children will have the opportunity to hone their skills at lunchtime led by our team of sports leaders. The competition itself will take place in July.

South London Girls Football Academy

On Saturday 2nd July, South London Girls Football Academy are offering a free fun taster session for all
girls aged 4-6 years old, giving them the opportunity to discover football and see if it is a hobby of interest to them in a fun and supportive environment. The free taster session, which will take place at
Lyndhurst Primary School in Camberwell, is part of their open day and you can confirm your child’s place by getting in touch with them via email at:

Summer 2 Sports Heroes

This half term, our sports heroes focus switches to British women:
Reception: Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill
Year 1: Kelly Smith MBE
Year 2: Dina Asher-Smith MBE
Year 3: Virginia Wade OBE
Year 4: Nicola Adams OBE
Year 5: Dame Katherine Grainger
Year 6: Victoria Pendleton CBE

Executive Head Teacher : Ms Jeanette Brumby

Head Teacher : Ms Hania Ryans

(Contact via School Office)

Co-Chair of Governors : Sharon Long and Paula MacDonald

Fairlawn Primary School
Honor Oak Road
London SE23 3SB